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CTO Services

CTO IT Leadership

  • IT Team Leadership/IT Vendor Management and Negotiations.
  • IT/Business Team Building.
  • Building road maps to direct your company in the most successful IT/Business directions.
  • Neutral unbiased leadership for building/ distributing new technology to enhance your company and departments.
  • Patented Holistic approach to IT/business consulting.
  • Training internal IT and Business personal.
  • 25+ years of IT Leadership experience.
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ERP/CRM/eBusiness Service

  • Optimization of users and ERP/ CRM /eBusiness systems.
  • Unbiased review of current ERP /CRM/eBusiness business systems/procedures.
  • Conversion of Server based systems to SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.
  • Public and Private Cloud services.
  • New implementations.
  • Conversion from Legacy systems to new ERP.
  • Major/minor version upgrade/implementation, patch applications.
  • New Feature evaluation/implementation.
  • Customizations.
  • ERP Break/Fix issues.
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Applications Data Integrations

  • Integrating of all vital application to minimize the need for duplicate entry.
  • Maintain consistent information though out all applications.
  • Custom Integration Data Cleanup and Backup systems.
  • Using most successful and popular integration software, Dell Boomi, Informatica, and etc..
  • Integrate any on premise or web (SAAS, SAAP) based Application.


  • Optimized Centralized Color Copier, Printer, Scanners and Fax.
  • Paperless e-mail Fax and manipulation.
  • Localized reliable Scanner/Printers/Copier/Faxes.
  • Marketing usage and Desktop publishing.
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Expert IT Project Management

  • Application/Business Systems/Hardware Systems project management.
  • Resources management/  allocation and ROI.
  • Building Business Process Requirement Documents and converting to Technical Specifications
  • Building/Planning Road Maps to successful projects.
  • Building professional timely Executive demonstrations, reporting, and stakeholder updates.
  • Using most successful Web based Project Management tools such as Wrike, JIRA, Team Gantt, and etc.
  • Professional Implementations: Building UAT, Sand Box systems, and Test Scripts, Repetitive Go Back and Backup Systems  to assure smoothest transition from test to live environment. 
  • Change management and best training techniques for getting users and stakeholders up-to-date on new products and procedures.
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Workstation/Laptop/Tablet/Cell Phone

  • New workstation procurement, optimization of speed/costs
  • Virtual Desktop Implementation.
  • Endpoint protection/management.
  • MDM BYOD management, data separation/encryption of critical data for safe sharing on mobile devices.
  • Surface Windows, iPad and etc. Tablets.
  • Antivirus/Anti-Malware systems, Virus removal
  • Desktop software.
  • Automatic fast reliable backup systems.
  • Automating desktop processes.
  • OS optimization, Win 07/08/10, Ubunto/ Mac
  • Expert Desktop Software support MS Office/ Open Office
  • Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Suite Expert Source
  • OS/Applications break/fix
  • Senior Help Desk Manager.
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Business Continuity and Security

  • Virtualization/Containerization of Servers/Desktops.
  • Virtualized/Containerized copies of vital applications and data.
  • Geo duplication of data and apps
  • SAN/NAS backup systems.
  • Desktop backup systems.
  • White listing, Denial of service protection.
  • MDM (Mobile Data Management)
  • Computer systems Risk Assessment.
  • IT audits and user security training
  • Security penetration testing.
  • IT Policy/Procedures and IT regulations compliance (PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and etc.)
  • Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus/Anti-Ransomware
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Paperless Systems

  • Convert business/computer systems into a paperless system(s).
  • Evaluate business systems to give your company the road map to convert paper and procedures into paperless hardware/software systems.
  • Specialize in EDI and Workflow programs.
  • Billbacks, Depletions, Placements.
  • Train users on paperless procedures and structures
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Network Systems Optimization and Security

  • Global National WAN/LAN Consulting.
  • Virtual Private Secure Networks.
  • NaaS, SDN (Software Defined Network), VMware NSX, Cisco ACI and etc.
  • Fabric Networks.
  • Virtual Servers/Desktops.
  • Routers, Switches, and Firewall consulting.
  • Neutral Security Penetration Testing.
  • PCI Compliance, Sabanes-Oxley & etc compliance.
  • SAN/NAS network storage and backup
  • QOS for VoIP, Video streaming, Data access.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • Portable device security, MDM, Endpoint security (Bitlocker, data encryption and etc.).
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Web and e-business

  • Making your brick and morter business as transperant to your website as possible.
  • Website Hosting, Domain control.
  • New website names (Domain Names).
  • Custom Websites.
  • e-business sites.
  • Marketing applications
  • Intranet and Extranet web sites such as MS Sharepoint, CRM, Unified Communication, FTP, and Box.exe.
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e-mail Systems

  • Exchange e-mail
  • Converting other e-mail systems into robust, reliable Exchange corporate e-mail systems.
  • Auto e-mail, important business change alerts (Exceptions management).
  • Converting all types and sizes of documents into e-mailable format.
  • Integration of portable devices iPhone, Droid, Blackberry and etc to Exchange and other e-mail systems.
  • End Point protection, e-mail security, Antivirus and anti-Spam/Malware.
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POS (Point of Sale) Systems

  • New installations.
  • Lock down/Security (Application White Listing), and PCI compliance.
  • Secure integration of data with CRM/ERP, Marketing and other applications.
  • Optimization of existing POS systems and consultation.
  • Hardware/software recommendations.
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Phone and Communication Systems

  • UC, unified Communications optimization.
  • IP/VoiP Phone systems, hosted and local.
  • Maximizing QOS, quality of service.
  • Streamlining costs and speed for internet and phone services.
  • Sip, Soft, Cell phones, Cell Modems, Phones: i, Droid, and Windows Surface device consulting.
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MRP Systems

  • Optimization of users and facilities as they apply to MRP systems.
  • Unbiased review of current MRP business systems/procedures.
  • New implementations.
  • Conversion from Legacy systems to new MRP.
  • Major/minor version upgrade/implementation, patch applications.
  • New Feature evaluation/implementation
  • Customizations
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  • Windows, AS400, Unix, Mac, whatever your flavor of server, JD Lowry CTO Consulting can optimize it's operation to remove any bottle necks that prevent you from getting the most speed/reliability and efficiency of shared data/application access.  Building on the best secure network environments.
  • Data Virtualization and Master Data Management.
  • Integration of  all types of client workstations  (Mac, PC, Unix, Tablets, Phones) access to all shared applications/data on servers.
  • Virtualizion of servers and workstations.
  • High speed secure server backup systems using best Raid and utilizing the latest removable hard drive technology.
  • Business Continuity, geographic Data/Server location duplication.
  • Exchange hosted and local e-mail servers.
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"Saved millions in agents improved public image by designing paperless systems that allowed less paper to be handled manually, creating and implementing all PC related devices, such as scanners, and printers to greatly improve quality of output and ability to file documents paperlessly."

-Farmers Insurance Corp.

" Headed savings of $1000,0000 annually in improved customer service and access to information by planning/designing and implementing the rebuilding of Payroll Masters Corporate headquarters IT infrastructure:  PC’s, UNIX Servers (Custom high end JD Lowry Computer Service PC’s and UNIX Servers), and networking and associated hardware and software.  Introduced high speed secure network connectivity that greatly improving speed of access to shared information by agents and customers uploading information."

  - Payroll Masters

"Led savings of 200% improvement in information access and ease of use by planning/ implementing  new standards for Farmers Insurance Agent's Networks, PC's (Custom high end JD Lowry Computer Service PC’s and Servers) and IBM AS400 servers that included integration of AS400 terminals into PCs that simplified the work environment and allowed data to be easily moved and shared between users, and between platforms. 

-Farmers Insurance Corp.

Headed Major IT Software and Hardware Network projects that contributed directly to the bottom line, that included:  Lead creation of  $0 costs for remote users access that allowed Mighty Leaf to have unlimited remote users by creating and implementing VPN and Terminal server remote access, that also Improved PCI compliance.  Saved company $28000 annually in phone and Internet costs and thousands in new efficiency's by leading the replacement of Phone and Internet services with more cost effective, reliable and higher performance IP phone systems.  Improved company communication 100% by replacing e-mail server with Exchange server w/Outlook Web and iPhone/Droid /Blackberry Exchange interface, and by upgrading telephone service to new reliable IP phone service.

  -Mighty Leaf Tea Company