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  1. Why use J.D. Lowry Computer Service, CTO consulting?


    With over 25 successful years of experience there is very few IT situations that we do not have a large amount of experience doing. Using our holistic real world approach to IT, we will help you resolve your IT/business situation in the most cost effective and efficient matter, creating an IT system that is very reliable.  If you have questions about our ability to do whatever IT consulting services that you need help with, we can give you plenty of happy customer references, thank you. 


  2. What can J.D. Lowry CTO Consulting Service do for your company?

     Over  25+ years In charge of Data Governance (Policy and Procedures) for most companies that created the following improvements:

    • Increased consistency and confidence in Decision Making.
    • Decreased the risk of regulatory fines.
    • Improved data security.
    • Maximized the income generation potential of data.
    • Designated accountability for information quality.
    • Enabled better planning by supervisory staff, and minimizing or eliminating re-work.
    • Optimized staff effectiveness.
    • Established process performance baselines to enable improvement efforts.
    • Trained users in proper data governance.

    And many more..... See CTO service list for a detail descriptions or contact us for more questions!

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  1. How do I find out about all the great services of J.D. Lowry CTO Consulting Services?

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